If you start out reading the word ‘nonsense’,no matter how you read it,you’ll always wind up reading ‘sense’ in the end.All I’m trying to say is that,what I’ll say may not make any sense at first but if you have some patience then you’ll surely get the sense at last.(and even if you don’t,just go with it).Since I hit puberty(mine was at thirteen and half),some changes came to my thoughts,I started  wondering why does everyone give so big a damn ’bout life when the truth is that all of us has to die one day or other.And after a few more years of curious fidelity,nothing made any concrete(nor cement)sense,and life started losing its opacity,and from a guy who didn’t give a damn ’bout god I’m slowly starting to think that we preclude one,(or maybe few more to help the main one,it’s not a ‘small world’ after all.)because there has to be a bigger scene.You see I’m not trying to force you into thinking something which I want you to,I’m just trying to make you see the big picture,[if you’re thinking how what I’m saying is gonna help with that then hey,I’m no orator like Brutus is.](finally used that)Infact more so I’m  rather telling you to create your own big picture,yes you can actually do that once you’ve seen a part of the real big picture.All this might not be making any sense but isn’t that the point to discover that if the sense,we think is the real sense,makes sense or not,and as I don’t wanna stir ur sense in the milk of nonsense so I’ll end.But like a great person once said( it’s just me)”what if when you die and meet god,he asks,’So how was heaven?’ “.


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