“Somethings happen without a reason but for a reason”.[you didn’t get the meaning right?neither did I,but it sounds cool.]A great man,Ronald D.Whelsh,once said that,now though I don’t know the exact meaning,but he somehow might have related it to this unreasonable creation called life.
Right since our childhood we are forced to do many things,more than forced we are made to believe that there are things that all of us has to do and that we can do nothing to change it.(even science,more like cosmology has given us a theory on this light,called the ‘Anthropic Principle’,stating that “the universe is the way it is because if it were different we wouldn’t be here to see it.”)And the worst part is that majority of us has actually grown up to believe that we HAVE to walk in this conventionally defined lane of life,trying not to bang with the walls much,all until the personally booked plane of doomsday lands.(to be continued)


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