Revisiting IPL’s Top 10 remarkable moments

As the Indian Premiere League is just round the corner, we have decided to revisit the most
memorable IPL moments which will definitely have a special place in everyone’ s hearts. In this
COVID – 19 crisis, we will bring in the IPL fever and remember the times where some of us had
shed our tears in sorrow while some with joy. We might be divided by our teams but are united.
by the love for cricket.
The Indian Premiere League governing Council has announced that due to the prevailing corona
virus situation in India, the tournament has been decided to be held in United Arab Emirates
(UAE). Places where the matches will be played are: Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
The start of the Indian Premiere League 2020 will be on 19th September and the final match has
been scheduled on 10th November.
The tournament shall be of 53 days where there shall be 10 afternoon matches starting at 15:30
hours (IST) and the remaining matches shall be in the evening, starting from 19:30 hours (IST).
So for these 53 days, keep your afternoons and evenings booked and let’s get hooked to top 10
IPL Moments.

  1. The First IPL Final. (Chennai Super Kings Vs. Rajasthan Royals, 2008)
    If by any chance you had forgotten about the first IPL final, let’s revisit the DY Patil
    Stadium, Mumbai and go 12 years back. The final had a nail – biting finish where nobody
    could have predicted anything. Rajasthan Royals had won the toss but out of surprise, the
    Royal’s Captain, Shane Warne opted to field first. Probably that had been one of the
    decisions which had lead to their win. CSK’s top batsmen had given their best. They
    reached 100 runs within the 14th over and 150 mark in 19.2 overs. After scoring 164 runs
    in total, the spectators were pretty sure of their win. But out of everyone’s surprise,
    Rajasthan Royals managed to outplay Chennai Super Kings. Everyone would still recall
    the unbelievable performance of Yusuf Patan, who was awarded the Player of the Match.
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  2. Future can be decided within a flash. (Delhi Capitals Vs. Rising Pune Supergiants)
    (12th May 2017)
    As you have guessed it correctly, we are definitely making reference to the sensational
    acts of wicket keeping by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Though the match was won by Delhi
    Capitals, this extraordinary stump out had astounded everyone. The stump out was
    executed within few milliseconds of the foot of the batsman to touch the ground from the
    Video Link:
  3. Was it an accident or purposefully done to unveil a bombshell (Rajasthan Royals
    Vs. Chennai Super Kings) (11th April 2019)
    The unbelievable six was pulled by Jadeja in the 19th over of the match. He had knocked
    our socks off. Probably he was also shocked by the massive six which he scored after he
    had fallen on the pitch due to the trip which was cause due to no proper grip of his shoe.
    Ben Stocks had lied flat on the ground with dismay and surprise while The Captain Cool
    tried to take a single. All of theirs and our eyes were on stalks seeing the ball flying
    across the boundary.
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  4. Never mess with Dhoni, specially when he stands behind the wickets. (Rising Pune
    Super Giants Vs. Gujrat Lions) (1st May 2017)
    Yes, Another breath taking wicket keeping by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Jadev Unadkat
    had bowled a fine delivery to Basil Thampi. Thampi had missed it but tried to sneak in a
    single. Dhoni fabulously hit a bull’s eye and took a run out. Unfortunate Dinesh Kartik
    had to leave the field.
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  5. Came out of the blue but unfortunately landed in the hands of the Blues. (Chennai
    Super Kings Vs. Mumbai Indians) (3rd April 2019)
    Yes the marvelous catch was caught by Pollard of Mumbai Indians. Suresh Raina drove a
    massive hit which was sure to fetch him a six but probably he had not noticed that Kieron
    Pollard was guarding the boundaries. He caught the shot with just one hand and then
    rolled on the back to celebrate. It was this moment when Mumbai Indians gained more
    hopes as they got Suresh Raina out. Definitely, small moments make big differences.
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  6. Run out just by few millimeters. (Gujrat Lions Vs. Delhi Daredevils) (4th May 2017).
    Dwayne Smith had run with the speed of the wind but the remarkable throw by Shahbaz
    Nadeem had sealed his luck. Kagiso Rabada was spell bound and the third umpire had
    got a tough decision to make. Dwayne Smith was run out just be few millimeters. But we
    got to witness one of the greatest run outs.
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  7. Came out of your bat but landed in my lap. (Kolkata Knight Riders Vs. Rising Pune
    Supre Giants) (3rd May 2017)
    Sunil Narine was facing Jadev Unadkat. A perfect good length ball was bowled by
    Unadkat but Narine could have played a better shot. Though the strike was good but it
    directly landed in the hands of the bowler. Sunil Narine was out by a duck.
    Video Link:
  8. Run out by miles. (Rising Pune Super Giants Vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore) (29th
    April 2017)
    Mis – communications is the biggest cause of run outs in any cricket match. But this one
    was a gift to the Rising Pune Super Giants. The ball was stroke well by Kedar Jadav and
    the fielder had caused an over – throw. Virat Kohli seeing it as an opportunity, called for
    a single. Kedar Jadav ran towards the other side but in the last moment, seeing Fergusion
    getting the ball, Virat called off the run. Dhoni was gifted a free wicket.
    Video Link:
  9. God can save your life only once. (Mumbai Indians Vs. Rising Pune Super Giants)
    (21st May 2017)
    Shardul Thakur had given a perfect delivery and it could have been a definite catch by the
    slipper. However, Daniel Christian couldn’t do it properly but did a perfect through
    which fetched the team a wicket. Seeing Daniel missing the catch, Karn Sharma tried to
    take a single. He should have considered the catch drop as a bad omen and shouldn’t
    have gone for the single.
    Video Link:
  10. The Ball went out of the stadium and landed on the main road. (Royal Challengers
    Bangalore Vs. Chennai Super Kings) (21st April 2019)
    Definitely, it can be no other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A massive 111 meter’s six
    was pulled by him in the last over of the match. Fast bowlers cannot intimidate Dhoni. It
    would just fetch him bigger sixes. The best part of him being the captain is that he does
    not only guide properly but leads by giving examples.
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By Abhik Saha



One that got away

Saw you for the first time,

Felt my heart wasn’t just mine.

Gave you all that was mine, 

And gave it every single time.

And all I wanted was for you to stay,

But you’re the one that got away.

Sometimes when I think of your name, 

It feels like it was only a game.

Thinking ’bout the times that we spent,

It feels like it all had to end.

And now I’m all alone on my way,

Cause you’re the one that got away

For a better day

A day that once goes down by the bay,
Doesn’t come back no matter what we say
For the hours that went by in them
Never quite really remain the same
The good memories that live on in each one
Reminds us that perhaps we might have won

And then the next day comes on
And reminds us that we must move on,
The moment that’s here,in the next will be gone
It’s not in the memories that we should live on,
And just like every will has it’s way,
Every night will have it’s day.
Because every time the sun goes down,
Along with it,always comes a new dawn.


..But if we think and really think then we’ll see that the most wonderful creation,i.e life,didn’t come into existence for such a limited reason,that too a reason made into a reason by the reasoning of few,more intelligent carbon based oxygen inhaling blood banks(humans,in case you didn’t get the analogy).There has to be a bigger meaning.Now we surely can’t find the locked chest,(the bigger meaning) by following the same route and reaching the same archipelago as 90+2 billion pirates before us(no life is not that interesting,it’s just people for us).But we gotta ask ourselves what in the world did we come to this world to do,what we gotta do and what we gonna do,and if the mind’s blank for too many days in a row then you gotta change something,and that something should something greatly different[after all one doesn’t send 7.4 bn super intelligent living souls(and 90 bn before them) to do the same thing],someone somehow has to find the bigger meaning.Now by a domesticated guess,that can only be done by thinking big and doing something so incomprehensively different that linguists will have to induce a 2nd superlative.Even I don’t know how to do that,but after all shouldn’t our views differ from oneself.Someone,surely someone great,once said,”Do what your heart says,life’s too short to be lived as someone else’s.”


“Somethings happen without a reason but for a reason”.[you didn’t get the meaning right?neither did I,but it sounds cool.]A great man,Ronald D.Whelsh,once said that,now though I don’t know the exact meaning,but he somehow might have related it to this unreasonable creation called life.
Right since our childhood we are forced to do many things,more than forced we are made to believe that there are things that all of us has to do and that we can do nothing to change it.(even science,more like cosmology has given us a theory on this light,called the ‘Anthropic Principle’,stating that “the universe is the way it is because if it were different we wouldn’t be here to see it.”)And the worst part is that majority of us has actually grown up to believe that we HAVE to walk in this conventionally defined lane of life,trying not to bang with the walls much,all until the personally booked plane of doomsday lands.(to be continued)


If you start out reading the word ‘nonsense’,no matter how you read it,you’ll always wind up reading ‘sense’ in the end.All I’m trying to say is that,what I’ll say may not make any sense at first but if you have some patience then you’ll surely get the sense at last.(and even if you don’t,just go with it).Since I hit puberty(mine was at thirteen and half),some changes came to my thoughts,I started  wondering why does everyone give so big a damn ’bout life when the truth is that all of us has to die one day or other.And after a few more years of curious fidelity,nothing made any concrete(nor cement)sense,and life started losing its opacity,and from a guy who didn’t give a damn ’bout god I’m slowly starting to think that we preclude one,(or maybe few more to help the main one,it’s not a ‘small world’ after all.)because there has to be a bigger scene.You see I’m not trying to force you into thinking something which I want you to,I’m just trying to make you see the big picture,[if you’re thinking how what I’m saying is gonna help with that then hey,I’m no orator like Brutus is.](finally used that)Infact more so I’m  rather telling you to create your own big picture,yes you can actually do that once you’ve seen a part of the real big picture.All this might not be making any sense but isn’t that the point to discover that if the sense,we think is the real sense,makes sense or not,and as I don’t wanna stir ur sense in the milk of nonsense so I’ll end.But like a great person once said( it’s just me)”what if when you die and meet god,he asks,’So how was heaven?’ “.

the Start-up

I opened this site to instigate more people to really think of this world for themselves and not just accept and follow the rules and regulations laid down by a rather really big group of quite smart people,who claim that this is how everything should be.But that’s not true at all.You can actually influence it,change it and mould it into your own casing.So dream Big,think different.