Ek tasveer hai,
Jisme dher saari yaadein hai.
Ek tasveer hai,
Jisme aaj bhi dhoondo toh sukoon mil
jata hai.
Jisko gaur se dekho, toh aapni
khamiyaan dikh jaati hai.
Jisme aaj bhi ek mehak hai,
Jisme aaj bhi ek chah hai.
Ek tasveer hai.


So what is love?
A warm blanket,
On a winter night?
A cool breeze,
In the summer light?

Or perhaps, it’s a mirage.
Like your moist visage.
Gilded beneath the lone sun.

For the fleeting memories of past,
And the familiar shadows they cast,
Might draw tears, sweet as dew,
from mine eyes too, but know,
That I can love you,
And still let you go.

-Aratrik D.



The water looks like concrete from afar.
Teardrops from heaven, splattering aflush.

I sit, painting a flower over the scar,
A perfect picture, with a broken brush.

Oh I’ll save this tear for you,
like that last sweet drop of dew.
                                                          – Aratrik D.

For a better day

A day that once goes down by the bay,
Doesn’t come back no matter what we say
For the hours that went by in them
Never quite really remain the same
The good memories that live on in each one
Reminds us that perhaps we might have won

And then the next day comes on
And reminds us that we must move on,
The moment that’s here, soon will be gone
It’s not in the memories that we should live on,
And just like every will has it’s way,
Every night will have it’s day.
Because every time the sun goes down,
thereupon, always comes a new dawn.


..But if we think and really think then we’ll see that the most wonderful creation,i.e life,didn’t come into existence for such a limited reason,that too a reason made into a reason by the reasoning of few,more intelligent carbon based oxygen inhaling blood banks(humans,in case you didn’t get the analogy).There has to be a bigger meaning.Now we surely can’t find the locked chest,(the bigger meaning) by following the same route and reaching the same archipelago as 90+2 billion pirates before us(no life is not that interesting,it’s just people for us).But we gotta ask ourselves what in the world did we come to this world to do,what we gotta do and what we gonna do,and if the mind’s blank for too many days in a row then you gotta change something,and that something should something greatly different[after all one doesn’t send 7.4 bn super intelligent living souls(and 90 bn before them) to do the same thing],someone somehow has to find the bigger meaning.Now by a domesticated guess,that can only be done by thinking big and doing something so incomprehensively different that linguists will have to induce a 2nd superlative.Even I don’t know how to do that,but after all shouldn’t our views differ from oneself.Someone,surely someone great,once said,”Do what your heart says,life’s too short to be lived as someone else’s.”


“Somethings happen without a reason but for a reason”.[you didn’t get the meaning right?neither did I,but it sounds cool.]A great man,Ronald D.Whelsh,once said that,now though I don’t know the exact meaning,but he somehow might have related it to this unreasonable creation called life.
Right since our childhood we are forced to do many things,more than forced we are made to believe that there are things that all of us has to do and that we can do nothing to change it.(even science,more like cosmology has given us a theory on this light,called the ‘Anthropic Principle’,stating that “the universe is the way it is because if it were different we wouldn’t be here to see it.”)And the worst part is that majority of us has actually grown up to believe that we HAVE to walk in this conventionally defined lane of life,trying not to bang with the walls much,all until the personally booked plane of doomsday lands.(to be continued)


If you start out reading the word ‘nonsense’,no matter how you read it,you’ll always wind up reading ‘sense’ in the end.All I’m trying to say is that,what I’ll say may not make any sense at first but if you have some patience then you’ll surely get the sense at last.(and even if you don’t,just go with it).Since I hit puberty(mine was at thirteen and half),some changes came to my thoughts,I started  wondering why does everyone give so big a damn ’bout life when the truth is that all of us has to die one day or other.And after a few more years of curious fidelity,nothing made any concrete(nor cement)sense,and life started losing its opacity,and from a guy who didn’t give a damn ’bout god I’m slowly starting to think that we preclude one,(or maybe few more to help the main one,it’s not a ‘small world’ after all.)because there has to be a bigger scene.You see I’m not trying to force you into thinking something which I want you to,I’m just trying to make you see the big picture,[if you’re thinking how what I’m saying is gonna help with that then hey,I’m no orator like Brutus is.](finally used that)Infact more so I’m  rather telling you to create your own big picture,yes you can actually do that once you’ve seen a part of the real big picture.All this might not be making any sense but isn’t that the point to discover that if the sense,we think is the real sense,makes sense or not,and as I don’t wanna stir ur sense in the milk of nonsense so I’ll end.But like a great person once said( it’s just me)”what if when you die and meet god,he asks,’So how was heaven?’ “.